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Funky Hat Happening

SUNDAY APRIL 28 – 1 PM to 3 PM

A surprise awaits the first 50 participants!

The new tradition, taking hold of the Quarter, is a nod to New York Passover Parade bringing together thousands of improvised hatters.

Everyone’s invited to come and proudly wear their originality. Impressive ornaments, decorated, colorful or oversized, eccentricity is in order!​


There will be more…

All whimsical characters present onsite will also be wearing their most successful headpiece, created for the occasion by masters of originality.



Designer by day, hat maker by night

Pieces by Samuel Jourdain are both a reflection of his mastery and of his bountiful creativity. This emerging creator’s work has caught the eye of names like Marie Saint Pierre and Dick Walsh. The world famous Central Saint Martins College, from the University of the Arts London, has also embraced Samuel’s remarkable talent.


Easter Bonnet Parade, New York

Every year in New York, people don their swankiest attire and flock to Fifth Avenue for the city’s famous Easter Parade. Giving free reign to creativity, participants in the Easter Bonnet Festival also conceive (and wear!) the most astounding hats one could imagine. These Big Apple traditions—notably immortalized by composer Irving Berlin and performers Judy Garland and Fred Astaire—stretch back to the 1870s!


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