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Spring Pleasures

Sunday April 28, a colourful circuit full of imagination awaits families and friends at l’Esplanade of Quartier DIX30.


WHEN: April 28 | 12 am to 5 pm


Take part in a gathering inspired by the return of the blooming season where creativity is put in motion.

At the turnaround of thematic pop-ups and music, all are invited to participate in family-fun activities that harvest our imagination: a chalk spray fresco, a surprise box workshop, a funky photo station, a circus circuit and more.


Circus and adventure circuit

We venture into a colorful circuit inspired by an imaginary garden to challenge our coordination with balance drills, Chinese plates, hula hoop and more!


Creative workshops

Imagination takes over during these activities: we create a group of giant frescoes of flowers and shapes on the ground with chalk spray paint, and then customizes a box of surprises with all the decorations and colors possible!


Photos and makeup stations

A surprise character awaits you in a fun scenery perfect for the season. Before taking a picture with him, pass by the makeup station to get your own festive look.

From April 27 to 28