New Horizons

What makes a house a home? The moving whirlwind is now over, and we’re dreaming of the multitude of possibilities our new space holds. Here are our suggestions to make that new abode feel like home in a flash!

Get your paint brushes ready! We play with contrasts by turning our furniture canary-yellow, or we harmonise our walls and our favourite decor piece. For some extra inspiration, we take note of the cheerful colour combinations we spotted at The Quartier’s Block Party.

Reinvent, reimagine… redesign! New centrepieces enter our spaces, and we get redesigning to put them in the spotlight. Whether we replace, refurbish, or simply put it somewhere else, our furniture gets moving for a top notch effect.We lay the foundations of our decor with those details that change everything. With the touch of a finger, we light up and transform an entire room; a soft carpet makes it instantaneously more comfy. With a plant or two, our space shapes up—even if we still have boxes to unpack!