November 14, 2018

For a fourth year, Autisme Montérégie and Quartier DIX30 are proposing a special time for families living with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) to experience a meeting with Santa Claus.

Every weekend in December (until December 24), before opening hours for the public, a time slot between 8:30 am and 10:30 am has been assigned at Santa Claus’ House on Avenue des Lumières of the Quartier DIX30; a moment that gives Santa and his entourage time and space to establish contact with autistic children, so that everyone can live the experience at their own pace. Santa Claus and his entourage have also been advised by the Autisme Montérégie team.


For the occasion, every Saturday and Sunday, a breakfast is offered to families in the Christmas lounge, courtesy of the restaurant Allô mon Coco!


To book a time: All families wishing to book a time with Santa Claus are invited to contact Autisme Montérégie at 450 646-2742 ext. 201.



On November 18, for Santa Claus’ parade, Hotel Alt will offer a special breakfast for families of Autism Montérégie starting at 9 am. Let the magic of Christmas begin!


A way to support Autisme Montérégie:

A team of volunteers will offer a packing service at the Holiday Lounge, on Avenue des Lumières at Quartier DIX30, right beside Santa’s House. All proceeds will be donated to Autisme Montérégie. The service will be in effect on December 22, 23 and 24.