April 27, 2018

3rd edition revealed

A new brood of the EGGSPRESSIONIST ART installation has just hatched. A dozen (but none of the same!) emerging and established artists have turned these oversized eggs into their canvas, creating impressive 360° pieces.

Shining bright

With a focus on illustration, the 2018 edition of this unique-in-the country happening has spectators exploring an off-the-wall world of contemporary iconography: dreamlike creatures, playful characters, animated fauna and flora… the ovoid pieces draw inspirations from a range of artistic styles and invite us to discover an art dimension in which aesthetics and narrative come together.

Where: at the SQUARE DIX30 fountain, at Quartier DIX30.

When: Now and until the end of May

Artists from the 2018 brood:

  • Dalkhafine
  • Steven Spazuk
  • Bryan Beyung
  • Miss Teri
  • Edward Kwong
  • Anne-Julie Dudemaine
  • Annie Hamel
  • Maxime Prévost
  • Aless Mc
  • Marie-Claude Marquis
  • Les Frères Michel