December 18, 2019

Tis the season for quality time with friends and family. 

Check our opening hours below, and join us at the Quartier for all your holiday delights! 


Opening hours of Quartier DIX30:

Tues, Dec 24th – Christmas Eve – Open 10am to 5pm 

Weds, Dec 25th – Christmas Day – CLOSED 

Thurs, Dec 26th – Boxing Day – Open 1pm to 9pm 


Tues, Dec 31st – New Year’s Eve – Open 10am to 5pm 

Weds, Jan 1st – New Year’s Day – CLOSED 


Opening Hours – specialty restaurants & cafés:

Dec 24 Dec 25 Dec 31 Jan 1
Allô Mon Coco 7h-15h closed 7h-15h 9h-17h
Amir 11h-17h closed 11h-17h closed
Avril 8h30-17h closed 8h30-17h closed
Bar Les Cousins 16h-21h closed 16h-…h (special night) closed
Benny&co closing at 19h closing at 19h closing at 19h closing at 19h
Café du Théâtre 8am -13h (formule déjeuner) closed regular hours closed
L’Aurochs closed closed 17h-22h closed
Vestibule closed closed regular hours closed
Tomate Blanche closed closed 17h-22h closed
Brasserie T  closed closed jusqu’à 16h closed
Chocolats Favoris 9h30-17h closed 9h30-17h closed
Copper Branch closing at 17h closed closing at 19h closed
Crux Comptoir 8h-16h closed 9h-16h closed
Grillades Torino  11h-16h closed 11h-16h closed
Harveys closing at 19h closed closing at 19h closed
Juliette & chocolat closing at 16h closed 10h-16h 16h-23h
Küto 11-17h closed 11-17h closed
La cage 11h-16h closed 11h-22h closed
Balthazar 11h30-16h closed 11h30-3am closed
3 Brasseurs closing at 17h closed closing at 1h am regular hours
Lov closed closed closed closed
McDonald’s open open open open
Menchies 12h-17h closed 12h-17h closed
Mr.Puffs 9h-19h 12h-19h 9h-19h 12h-19h
Niji closed closed 17h-… (special event) closed
Oeufs&cie regular hours closed regular hours closed
Pizzeria 900 closing at 16h closed closing at 16h closed
Portovino 11h-22h closed 11-22h 10h-15h brunch – 17h30-22h
Ramen Isshin closed closed closing at 20h closed
Rouge closing at 15h closed 11h30-22h (regular hours) 11h30-22h (regular hours)
Scores 11-16h closed 11-20h 16-21h
Siam closing at 20h closed closing at 22h regular hours
Starbucks regular hours 8h-18h regular hours 8h-18h
Subway closing at 17h closed closing at 17h closed
Tim Hortons open open open open
Van Houtte regular hours closed regular hours closed
Yuzu Sushi 11h-17h closed 11h-17h closed