December 20, 2018

This year, stand out and give one of your loved ones the marvellous box he dreams of having … an exceptional gift in which all are winners!

Specially chosen to satisfy the everyday man, a myriad of retailers gift cards valued at more than $200 are sold for the benefit of the Mira Foundation, for only $50.

Oh yes ! Whether it’s for yourself or for another pal, it’s a gift that gives back, because this marvellous box will raise money to offer a guide dog to a child with autism spectrum disorder. (ASD).

We fall for…the box for HIM

  • Peak Performance: $50 gift card
  • Tris Coffin: $50 gift card
  • Siam Restaurant: $20 gift card
  • Oasis Surf: $20 gift certificate
  • Chic Lave-Auto: 25$ gift certificate OR Draperies Pierre Cholette: $50 gift card
  • Laser Game Evolution: 2 free games

Available at Quartier DIX30 Customer Service located at three locations: L’Étoile Banque Nationale, the Urban Oasis near Le Château and the Interior Mall near Anthropologie.

Discover the Marvellous boxes for THEM and HER here